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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Season 1, Episode 5: Getting Savvy!

Jessica Walliser, Niki Jabbour, Tara Nolan, and Amy Andrychowicz are four of the smartest, most fun gardeners I know... so when I heard they were starting a new group blog together called Savvy Gardening, I knew I needed to use that as an excuse to get them all on the podcast together.

It was a blast! We talked everything from strategies for getting through the winter, to growing plants to attract beneficial insects, to ways to keep your mother-in-law from eating all your artichokes.

Thanks for listening! Next week is an off week, so come back in two weeks for the next episode. In the mean time, there is lots more info about the Savvy Gardeners and all their various projects (NOT, as it turns out, including instagram) on their website www.savvygardening.com.

Oh, and I almost forgot: This is the picture of a VERY CUTE baby turtle that Amy thought looked like a dead rat...

Though in her defense, she was seeing a pretty small thumb nail image of this. But cute, right? Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks baby turtles are cute.


  1. Baby turtles are very cute. As a kid I spent summers at my grandparents cottage in northern Indiana. My grandfather and I would row over to the huge marsh and go " turtle hunting". I would keep them in an aquarium for a few days to observe them and then release them back into the lake. It was fun and so many good memories. They were great gardens.....had one in the city and another at my grandmother's sisters in the country.

  2. LOL! Yes the turtle is very cute! But, the photo on skype was a closeup, and my eyes saw a dead rat. :-) Good times.

  3. FINALLY figured out how to subscribe in iTunes ... your link goes to the preview, and I finally figured out which button to push to get me over to actually download the podcasts. Looking forward to listening, while I prune in the garden!