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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Season 1, episode 1: Behind the (green) scenes

There is a lot that happens to get beautiful plants ready and waiting for you to buy at the nursery. This episode, we're going behind the scenes with a little bit of that whole complex known as the horticulture industry with two people who know it well.

Rick Schoellhorn was, until 2012, new products director for Proven Winners meaning he was the guy out traveling the world looking for new plant varieties to add to their line up.

Julia Hofley is currently a free-lance garden writer and speaker, and worked for a decade as the manager and buyer for Goldner Walsh, a great garden center in Michigan

People like Julia and Rick are the ones deciding what plants you are going to see and have the chance to purchase each spring. Listen to hear how those decisions get made, and a little taste of what is like on the other side of the greenhouse.

Huge thanks to Rick and Julia for being my guests on this episode, and to Gamma10 for kindly allowing me to use his song 'Tomorrow' as the theme music for the podcast.

Check in next week for episode two when we'll be talking to four great gardeners about plants they love and why.


  1. Loved the insight. Great first episode.

  2. Very interesting and entertaining first episode...wanted to hear more. Looking forward the episode two.